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  1. The Farmer’S Life
  2. The Farm
  3. Farm Animals
  4. Farming Equipment
  5. Crops
What Does Farmer Do In Little Alchemy 2?

The Farmer’S Life

The farmer’s life is one of constant work. They rise early in the morning to care for their animals and crops. They work long hours in the fields, in the hot sun and in the cold rain. They do whatever it takes to get the job done.

The farmer’s life is not an easy one, but it is a rewarding one. They take pride in their work and in their ability to provide for their families. They are the backbone of the community, and the world would be a much different place without them.

The Farm

The farmer is responsible for tending to the crops and animals on the farm. They need to make sure that the plants are watered and that the animals have food and shelter. The farmer also needs to keep an eye on the weather so that they can plan for the best time to plant and harvest the crops.

Farm Animals

The farmer is responsible for taking care of the farm animals. This includes feeding, watering, and cleaning them. The farmer may also need to provide medical care to the animals if they get sick.

Farming Equipment

Farming equipment is used by farmers to help with various tasks on their farm. This equipment can include items such as tractors, plows, combines, and other machinery. Farmers use this equipment to help them with tasks such as planting, harvesting, and tilling the land. This equipment can make the farmer’s job much easier and help them to be more efficient.


Crops are an important part of Little Alchemy 2 and are used to create a variety of items. The farmer is responsible for growing and harvesting crops, as well as ensuring that they are properly watered and fertilized. In addition to crops, the farmer must also take care of livestock, such as chickens and cows.